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July 7th Ketchikan Fishing Report - Bella Misty Fishing Charters


Nov 30, 2015 Ketchikan Fishing Reports Comments are off

I enjoyed a few days off with family for the Fourth.

Had a half day salmon charter on the fifth- landed a King Salmon and a couple of pinks.  Had a full day fishing charter yesterday got into fish early on but they were gorging on micro-herring and it was tough to get them to take our larger baits. Very difficult to leave fish that are pushing up bait and boiling on the surface.  Burned a bunch of time trying to figure them out.  Made a move and found some hungry fish– landed 9 Silver Salmon, 1 King Salmon, 6 Pink Salmon. Bottom fished for a little while and caught 4 halibut and 5 rockfish. Would have liked some larger halibut, but we were out of time and took the first four.  Saw a pack of wolves on the beach!  First time!  Got a bunch of full days coming up. Should be a lot of fun.


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