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June 27, Ketchikan Fishing Report- Bella Misty Fishing Charters


Nov 26, 2015 Ketchikan Fishing Reports Comments are off

I had a full day fishing charter today.  The weather was awesome, so we made the run to the ocean.  On our full day charters, we target everything.  Time is the real limit, followed by skill, and luck!  On this fishing trip, we had a little bit of each.  We did a mix of downrigger trolling, jigging, drift mooching, and even some power mooching.  The only thing we didn’t do was anchor…I give that two thumbs up.  My group of four first time saltwater anglers landed:  2 Kings Salmon, 9 Silver Salmon (Coho), 1 Chum Salmon, four Halibut, 5 Black Rockfish (Seabass), 2 Yelloweye Rockfish, and 4 Quillback Rockfish.  A very good day of Alaska fishing by any standard, but I believe seeing the Killer Whales on our way out and humpbacks while fishing may have topped it for these guys!

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