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Full Day Fishing Charter Report- Ketchikan 7/10 & 11


Dec 15, 2015 Ketchikan Fishing Reports Comments are off

We had a little rougher water than usual the last few days, but awesome fishing.  Bumpy water is quite often the price you must pay to have great fishing.  This is especially true on full day charters where we try our best to be on the ocean.  We arrived at on location to a pretty stiff breeze and ripping current that left us in with some sloppy 4-6 footers.  This was my first trip with these clients, so it took a little while to get everyone dialed in.  I felt very lucky that they had “ocean experience” and were able to absorb my instruction in less than ideal conditions.  We found a very good bite going on and began doing some controlled drifts.  Nice silvers (coho salmon) began arriving at the boat almost immediately and we were all kept quite busy for the rest of the trip.  So much so, that I only took one picture during the trip!  Probably wouldn’t have taken it…if it hadn’t been a tiger rockfish.  Fishing a wide open bite in 4-6’s took it’s toll on the guys and after the trip they were too tired to take a proper pic back at the dock!  It was awesome, one of the most fun full day fishing charters I’ve had in a long time.  We limited out on Silvers (24 coho salmon), landed 1 King Salmon, and three Pink Salmon drift mooching.  We switched our focus to bottom fish to wrap up the trip and caught a limit of Halibut as well as some rockfish and an undersized lingcod that was released.

Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

On day two, I tried fishing a different area.  We caught and released 3 short King Salmon, landed 13 Silvers (coho salmon), 12 pink salmon, a limit of halibut, and 5 nice rockfish.  All in all, I was very happy with these two full day fishing charters and can’t wait to take these guys fishing next summer!

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