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Salmon Fishing Excursion July 8th - Bella Misty - Ketchikan, Alaska


Dec 3, 2015 Ketchikan Fishing Reports Comments are off

Three Hour Cruise Ship Salmon Fishing Excursion

This last winter, I came up with a new fishing charter for cruise ship passengers coming to Ketchikan.  The 3 hour Salmon Fishing Excursion.  I kinda felt like there was a gap in what was available and being offered to cruise ship anglers wanting to fish in Ketchikan.  Every year, I have clients who have other excursions/activities planned but still want to get out and try to catch a Salmon in Ketchikan ( a town famous for Salmon).  As well, some cruise ships have very short dock times here (as little as 5 hours).  A half day private fishing charter will take up all of that time and not leave enough time to even walk through downtown.  I know that three hours is not enough time to really do any serious fishing.  This isn’t about “serious fishing”, that’s what full day charters are for.  But, I have found that it is plenty enough time to have a great trip when the fish are biting!  If they aren’t, another hour wasn’t going to change things too much.  Essentially, I put this fishing trip together to be a more reasonably priced opportunity to get out on the water–Have Fun–and try your luck at catching a Salmon.  It will have the best opportunity to be a good trip in July and August, when the most fish are around.  I booked a few salmon fishing excursions this summer with clients who had never fished before.  It worked out great!  This was my first one – and it was the most fun and productive 3 hours dock to dock all year!  Landed 5 King Salmon (released 3 that were a little short), 1 Silver Salmon (Coho), and 3 nice Pink Salmon.  This trip isn’t appropriate for everyone,  but it is a perfect fit for many families coming to Ketchikan on cruise ship vacation.  Click Here to Inquire about a date or to get more information.

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